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The CIMOSA Association has been established in 1994 as a follow-on organization to the ESPRIT (European Strategic Program for R&D in IT) project AMICE (European CIM Architecture). Members of the COA are Industrial enterprises, Universities and personnel members, both continuing from the AMICE project and joining after its foundation. An overview of the COA activities during its 15 years is described in the attachment.

Due to loss of membership according to people retirements, the members decided by an unanimous vote to discontinue the CIMOSA Association in 2010.

The CIMOSA website www.cimosa.de. and the activities in the INTEROP- Virtual Laboritory (I-VLab) as well as in standardization will be continued by K. Kosanke and M. Zelm.


The CIMOSA Association (COA) has been a non-profit organisation involved in promotion of Enterprise Engineering and Integration (EE&I) based on CIMOSA and its active support in national, European and international standardisation.

Membership: industry, universities, personal members.

Objective and scope

The  upcoming new enterprise paradigms of extended, virtual and agile enterprises cause new requirements on organisational concepts and supporting technologies. Enhanced decision support and operation monitoring and control are some of the needs of today and tomorrow. Capturing knowledge and using it across organisational boundaries will be a major challenge in the new types of businesses. This real-time knowledge needed to support the establishment, deployment and discontinuation of the inter and intra organisational relations.


The CIMOSA Association 

  • Promotes and supports Enterprise Integration through organisation of events, R&D projects and pilot applications
  • Supports standardisation of Enterprise Integration through participation in national, European and international organisations
   Enterprise Engineering and Integration  defined as:
  • Enterprise Engineering: define, structure, design and implement enterprise operations as communication networks of business processes, which comprise all their related business knowledge, operational information, resources and organisation relations.
  • Enterprise Integration: provide the right information at the right place and at the right time and thereby enable communication between people, machines and computers and their efficient co-operation and co-ordination

CIMOSA Specification

The CIMOSA specification, the Technical Baseline, defines an  architecture for enterprise integration with the goal to establish standards with emphasis on:

  • a framework for enterprise modelling (reference architecture),
  • an enterprise modelling language,
  • an integrating infrastructure for model enactment, all to be supported by
  • a common terminology.
The results of this development effort  have been documented in various publications, information on CIMOSA publications is available at the directories Modelling, ICT Support for Modelling and Standardisation of this website.

CIMOSA is aiming to support business process modelling, process simulation, operational decision support. It is compatible with international standardisation e.g with CIMOSA has been a major input for the European and international standards, mainly in 

  • pre EN ISO 19439 (formerly ENV 40 003: System Architecture - Framework for Enterprise Integration (2002)
  • pre EN ISO 19440 ( formerly ENV 12 204: CIM System Architecture - Constructs for Enterprise Modelling (1995),  currently updated commonly by CEN and ISO
  • ISO IS 14258:  Industrial Automation Systems - Concepts and Rules for Enterprise Models (1998)
  • ISO IS 15704: Requirements for Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodologies (1999), based on GERAM and the work of the IFAC/IFIP Task force


The COA members are from industrial and research organisations:

  • Industry: ADITEC (D), EADS (F), FIAT (I), Hewlett Packard (F), Interfacing Technologies (CND), PSA (F), Renault (F)
  • Universities: TU Athens (GR), TU Eindhoven (NL), ENIM Metz (F), UniBW Munich (D), St Gallen (CH), UPV Valencia (E)
  • Personal members

The CIMOSA Association (COA) has been founded in 1994 as a follow-on organisation of the ESPRIT Consortium AMICE.
The COA is registered at the Court of Aachen, Germany, Registr. Nr. 3225

Contact: kosanke@cimosa.de  or  martin.zelm@cimosa.de

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