Enterprise Modelling

Papers and reports:

Enterprise Engineering and Integration - Towards a real time decision support, K. Kosanke

Enterprise engineering is a life-cycle oriented discipline for identification, design and implementation of enterprises and their continuous evolution. Organisational aspects and the decision-support for extended and virtual enterprises, are presented. Current problems in the field are identified and initiatives are presented.

Decision support for future Management of Change has to be based on 'real-time' information. This is especially important for the new types of enterprises - virtual and extended enterprises. Enterprises in general are rather complex systems with many internal and external relations which have to be recognised in decision making processes. But these environments are changing rapidly and the need for relevant, up-to-date and valid information becomes of paramount importance. Fluctuations in market demands, technology evolution and changing regulations require very frequent decisions and need very flexible enterprise operations, capable of reacting to changes.

INTERKAMA-ISA-TECH Conference , Düsseldorf, Germany, 99-10-18/20.


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