Enterprise Modelling

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Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE'94) -  European Workshop on Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Grenoble, December 12-14, 1994, P. Ladet, F.B. Vernadat, (Eds)

The book discusses the tools and Techniques for modelling, analysis, specification and integration of modern manufacturing systems. It presents the concepts of the extended enterprise as a way of inter-enterprise integration. It then focuses on enterprise engineering methods and tools to address intra-enterprise integration using model-based approaches.

The book is structured into parts on:

1) extended enterprise,
2) enterprise engineering,
3)business process modelling and re-engineering,
4) manufacturing systems specification,
5) manufacturing systems analysis,
6) manufacturing systems co-ordination and integration,
7) pre-normative and standardisation issues.

Proceedings of the European Workshop 1994, Chapman & Hall, October 1995, ISBN 0-412-72680-7.

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