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'99 Knowledge Technology Forum - Potsdam,Germany, Conference report

The KnowTech Forum, organised by the German IT Associations BVB, BVIT, UVI and the University of Potsdam had the objective to bring  experts together - in the various application fields of knowledge, business, software engineering and management in order to review various object-oriented and process-oriented methods and technology concepts, tools and systems, and to discuss possibilities to integrate future concepts.

A combination of various methods, standards, technologies, tools and systems with new methods of linguistic and (meta) knowledge engineering is considered the base for the development of an "object-oriented and process-oriented meta reference model". Acceptance and introduction of such a meta reference model is considered a prerequisite for compatible models and tools for ExpertMaster, trade, products and software reference. Another goal of KnowTech is to create a standardisation initiative in the field of normalised expert languages. Therefore, a collaboration with DIN, VDI/VDE, ISO and other organisations is intended.

In a five workshops the subjects of user languages, business knowledge engineering as well as possible implementations in open standards based software solutions have been discussed. It was concluded that a meta reference model expressed in user language can be very important in the roadmap towards the above goal.


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