Enterprise Modelling

Papers and reports:

A modelling language fore user oriented enterprise modelling, M. Zelm, K. Kosanke

Enterprise modelling provides the means to structure and decompose the enterprise system into less complex parts and to describe functionality and behaviour of the operation. The relevant enterprise knowledge can be captured, shared and managed through process models. Process models describe both the functionality and the flow of control in the enterprise and identify all the needed and produced information.

The user should employ a modelling language consisting of modelling constructs relevant for the representation of his business. Common modelling construct types and their representation by icons will make the modelling process more effective and efficient and also improve the human understanding of enterprise models. The paper proposes structuring of user oriented modelling construct types and type hierarchies and presents an overview of construct icon types for graphical representation used in different modelling tools

Proceedings of the MOSIM'01 Conference, Troyes, France, 2001-04-25/27, http://www.univ-troyes.fr/mosim01


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