Enterprise Modelling

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Process oriented enterprise information systems; methods, procedures and tools for their efficient development (in German), M. Amberg

The author provides a well structured introduction into process oriented enterprise information systems, their contens and benefits. The book demonstrates rather extensively the realisation of such enterprise information systems. Restricting himself to three modeling concepts - two - ARIS and SOM (Semantic Object Model)- process-oriented and one - UML - object-oriented, the author goes through all the life-cycle phases of model creation and implementation. Workflow- Groupware- and Object Technology and their role in enterprise information systems are described as well. The chapter on enterprise modelling uses the SOM concepts to demonstrate the proceedures and to identify the requirements for the modelling tools. A detailed chapter on modelling tools completes the book.

Contents: Introduction, Basics, Process oriented enterprise information systems, Modelling concept in context, Method of modelling concept, Modelling procedure, Modelling tool, Summary and outlook.

(Title in German: Prozeßorientierte betriebliche Informationssysteme; Methoden, Vorgehen und Werkzeuge zu ihrer effizienten Entwicklung.)

Springer-Verlag-Berlin/Heidelberg, 1999, ISBN 3-540-65860-2


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