Enterprise Modelling

Papers and reports:

UEML - towards a Unified Enterprise Modelling Language, F. B. Vernadat

The paper presents the rationale and principles of a unified language devoted to the area of Enterprise Modelling. The language, named UEML, for Unified Enterprise Modelling Language, is not intended to replace existing languages but is intended to provide a uniform interface to enterprise modelling tools and a neutral format for exchange of enterprise models.

It therefore builds on previous languages and provides constructs to cover function, information, resource and organization aspects of business entities. It is also aligned with results of CEN TC 310, ISO TC 184 and IFAC-IFIP GERAM efforts in the area of enterprise modelling and engineering.

Proceedings of MOSIM'01, Troyes, France, 2001-04-25/27 , http://www.univ-troyes.fr/mosim01


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