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Bombardier - a success case in customer support, L. Desjardins, D. Poliquin

Business process modelling for business improvement and on-line monitoring has been implemented for the processing of unscheduled events in the customer support business area. Using Interfacing Technologies FirstSTEP tool suite for business process modelling and process analysis and Lotos Notes for process monitoring Bombardier Aerospace achieved significant benefits of 27 percent reduction in elapsed time leading to increased customer satisfaction, 21 percent  reduction in processing time, 45 percent  increase in throughput of request handled and minimal increase of processing cost.

The high level business process model designed in FirstSTEP was turned to a process-oriented knowledge base shared among process owners through the companies intranet. This information included the process ownership, goal boundaries, key performance indicators, customers and suppliers for each process, as well as the resource types of the organisation. The existing ISO 9000 related documentation was linked to the processes as well.

The model of the particular business process for customer support used to define the workflow application in Lotus Notes. The resulting data base is used to capture the operational practice. A seamless transfer mechanism enables the collection and display in FirstSTEP of critical process performance data for a given period of time. The interface allows the process manager to monitor the process performance in real time, decide on corrective actions, test any improvements prior to implementation and analyse bottlenecks.

Bombardier has selected FirstSTEP as standard for process mapping, modelling and analysis. The paper presented at the 1999 Business Process and Workflow Conference, Brussels, Belgium, October 12/14.

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