Standards on enterprise integration and engineering – state of the art, D. Chen and F. Vernadat

The survey of the relevant standards in enterprise integration and engineering is presented and related standards are compared according to some high level criteria. Standard categories addressed are: modelling and engineering (frameworks, and languages), systems and sub-systems (shop floor, control systems and manufacturing data), IT services and infrastructures (model execution and integration, open distributed processing and others). Such standards have been developed by standards organisation (CEN, ISO, IEC), industrial bodies (ISA, IEEE), Non-profit groups (OMG, OAG) and supported by EU and USA R&D projects and professional efforts like GERAM, which has been developed by the IFAC-IFIP Task Force on Enterprise Integration. Problems identified relate to contents inconsistency between standards, inconsistency of terminology used in the different standards, lacking industrial applicability due to high level of abstraction of the standards.

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International Journal of CIM, Vol. 17, (2004), Nr. 3, pp 235-253


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