Joint IEC/ISO Working Group JWG15, Meeting in Bordeaux, France

The IEC/SC 65A-ISO/TC 184/SC 5/JWG 15, convenor Dennis Brandl, held a meeting in Bordeaux on June 2004-06- 16-18, with 10 participants from 5 countries: USA, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Objective of the meeting was to 1) Develop a draft work item for 62264-3, and prepare comments for the ISA 95 Part 3 final voting, 2) Review Draft 17 of ISA S95-3 and 3) Examine the dissemination efforts and the status of liaisons of JWG15 with other organisations.

Major Actions: Produce a White Paper on usability and implementation benefits of 62264. Draft a section and an Annex concerning the Decisional Reference Model. Establish liaisons with the World Batch Forum and with the European projects ATHENA-IP and INTEROP-NoE. Develop a paper to establish use of SC4 definitions (e.g. resource, raw material, equipment) with IEC 62264 definitions. Next JWG15 meeting: 2004-11-17/19 at NEMA in Washington DC, USA. 

For more information contact Dennis Brandl, dnbrandl

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